Welcome to Nootn.com.au! What is the purpose of this blog?

I read a lot of blogs.  Mostly technology related to do with programming languages and frameworks as they help me learn about the latest and greatest technologies I can use to help me build the best software possible.  I also read some blogs about management and agile development methodologies, as that is another part of my role.  The other main category of blogs I read is Health Industry related news.  That gives me a good knowledge of what’s going on in the Industry so I can try and be ahead of the game.

I decided to start my own blog for the following reasons:
  1. Knowledge base – so I can record my thoughts/decisions to refer to them at a future date
  2. To get feedback from other people about my thoughts/decisions
  3. To try and provide a useful news source for other people in a similar position to me who are looking for a Health Industry related Software Development blog
  4. To post information about projects I am working on or have worked on
I have no technology bias although I do tend to use Microsoft products for a large amount of the programming work I do.  I find the Microsoft toolsets and frameworks very conducive to a productive programming team.
I am not sure how often I will blog or what content will come out in the blog, I have no set plan, I will just see where it takes me.  If I end up getting nothing out of it, I will cease, so please provide any comments or feedback if I seem to be slowing down and you would like to see more.