I work in my day job as a Manager of Software Development, however with whatever spare time I have, I also enjoy using my technical knowledge and skills to:
  • Help people with technology issues such as getting a web presence (website, blog, facebook, twitter etc) or learning how to use technology to improve efficiency such as becoming paperless
  • Build open source software to help myself and other developers work more efficiently
  • Work by myself and with others on private, potentially profitable projects

Contact me if you are interested in asking for help or advice, or involving me in your project.

Here is some of my work:

Corporate Projects I have Developed/Designed/Managed:

(see my Linked In profile for full details)
  • Patient Portal: a web based system whereby Patient's of Mater Hospitals can access their electronic health record
  • ...more to come...

Side Projects I have helped people with:

Open Source Software I have Built or Contributed To:

  • MVC Mega Forms: Additional components to make awesome forms in ASP.NET MVC
  • MiniProfiler.Windows: Extends the fantastic MiniProfiler and adds functionality to make it easy to use in windows based applications (E.g. console applications)
  • ClinImIm: Clinical Image Importer
  • T-Rec (Time Recorder): Time recorder to allow accurate (to the minute) time recording with toast notification windows